Pet Portraits

Anybody who knows me knows that I love my pets. I’ve had everything from a turtle and fish to a chicken and the more conventional dogs and cats. Currently, my husband and I have a fifteen year old flame tipped Siamese cat and a one year old Pomeranian/Husky dog. Our dearest friend and full bred Pomeranian passed away earlier this year after fifteen amazing years, but he will forever be in our hearts. He was the best!

Years ago, I made a greeting card with sketchy, intentionally imperfect portraits of our cat, Bluto, and our dog, Bentley. I hung onto the illustrations because they were so near and dear to our hearts. As it turns out… I am SO glad I did because there was an empty wall in our home and it had just enough space for three frames. It was the perfect place to immortalize our little floofs! I added Trooper, our Pomeranian/Husky mix (aka Pomsky) and voila:


I absolutely love how they turned out. Art that makes you smile is the best, isn’t it? I had The UPS store print them out on 16x20 poster paper, bought these frames from Target and the rest is history. It was only five bucks a print… not bad for a small project :-)

While I don’t have the exact photos I used for the first and second frames, I did my best to find similar photos so you can see what all the pets look like against how their portrait turned out:


Such sweet little mugs! I’ll cherish these portraits forever :-)

Webster Egan Mediations Announcement

This past August, I was at the studio of amazing photographer and friend, Lisa Predko. It was actually the last photo shoot I participated in for Chicago Lawyer magazine. Judge Lynn Egan was our subject for the cover and featured story. I’d been designing Chicago Lawyer magazine and handling creative direction for a while and that chapter was drawing to a close. Designing magazines had always been a huge goal of mine so I jumped right in, filled with inspiration. I did everything I could to bring some edge and bright splashes of color to a publication geared towards lawyers. And we did it! It was SO much fun.

As I stood at that photo shoot, the time had come for me to quit my corporate gig and switch to freelancing graphic design and teaching yoga... another goal I’d had for years. Judge Egan and I got to know each other a bit and discovered we were both heading onto new ventures. As a result… I’m proud to have one of my first projects in this chapter be a collection of advertisements for Webster Egan Mediations!

Designing their ads included creating:

  • a color, full page magazine ad

  • a half page newspaper ad, in color (for the online publication) and grayscale (for the print version

  • an online banner and online box ad

Webster Egan Mediations provides arbitration and mediation services for people involved in a wide variety of legal cases such as personal injury, professional malpractice, breach of contract and other commercial disputes. With a lot of experience and a great reputation under their belts, they’re actually the first and only all-female mediation firm in the area! Bravo, ladies!

A big thanks goes out to Max Bender for creating such beautiful, colorful photos of Chicago. All his photography is gorgeous. To boot, Max has generously placed a good variety of stock photos on Unsplash for FREE. This is one of them. You rock, Max!